About Us


Hi! I am Dana Farris, owner of Caretrans, LLC. I worked in the school system for 20 years, first for Ennis ISD, where I served as both a bus driver as well as a Para-professional. Later in my career I worked for Palmer ISD, where I worked as a bus driver as well as in the maintenance department.

In 2010, when my mother was moved to a nursing home, I went to work for that same facility, becoming their van scheduler and driver. Working here allowed me to attend to many of the caregiver responsibilities that were needed for her care. Though I had always loved working with schoolchildren, this is where I found and realized the love and passion I had for working with the elderly and disabled.

While working there I met Rick, whose aunt had become a resident. In a short while he became a volunteer, working with me helping load, unload, and transport residents on special outings.


I am Rick Thomas, the other owner of Caretrans, LLC. After almost 34 years, I retired from the Dallas Fire Department

Shortly after retiring, I was called upon to serve as Primary Caregiver for an elderly aunt of mine. That job lasted 8 years until her death.

Soon after her transition to a nursing facility I became acquainted with Dana, the van scheduler and driver. As I got to know her, she so much impressed me with her passion, dedication, and devotion to ‘her’ residents, often acting as their patient advocate. Soon she convinced me to become a volunteer for the facility, primarily helping her transport residents on special outings. It was in this role that I developed a true passion and love for working with the elderly and disabled.

Together, recognizing the love and passion we both shared for this type of work, we joined together to form Caretrans, LLC. It is our goal to provide a premium, professional, and personal transportation service for our clients.

Having both been caregivers ourselves, we recognize the strains and pressures facing all caregivers as they try to balance everyday lives with the responsibilities of caring for a loved one. We would be honored to be of service to you in your times of need.

Trustworthy, safe, dependable, caring, respectful…Because We Care!